Wednesday, February 16, 2011

nak emo g main jauh2!

kite gewam oke kite gewam gewam GEWAM GEWAM!

i am very annoyed with u.

i am not easy to be angry with someone just because of little thing.

but once, u challenged my patience and u put such a bullshit things on me, i can become the person that u will never know me.

u have no right to judge me because u will never know what i am actually felt.

plishhhhh dont be too bother about my life.

i dont want to know your life. i dont want to know ur story. ur love story or whatever relates u.

just go away from my life.

U ! an emo person that nOthing to do with me..just annoyed me lorh !



  1. huu betul² marah nie Anna, cool cool ;D

  2. uhuhu..mroh se weyh..huuu..
    oke cool2..hee B)